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Can I use USB hardware interface as GPIB interface?

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I want to connect GPIB interface over USB connection. I have choosed GPIB interface on the oscilloscope but I see only USB connection on the NI Max program. Can I use USB hardware interface as GPIB interface?


If this is possible what should I do?


All information in the below.



- Keysight InfiniiVision DSOX3024T oscilloscope

- Keysight DSOXGPIB GPIB Module

- USB cable

- NI MAX (NI VISA + NI-488.2 driver)

- I have chosed GPIB interface on the oscilloscope.



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You'll need a USB-GPIB adapter for that such as:


Rolf Kalbermatter
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Either an NI variety USB to GPIB as rolfk mentioned or a lower cost option like the Prologix GPIB-USB Controller and use the notes here that I have provided.

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