Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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C Problem: Adressing a GPIB Instrument at GPIB Address + 1

I'm trying to write an iGPIB nstrument driver in C.

I have a Driver Template and get the input

 ViSession   VISAResourceName


So the instrument I want to control is an RF-Amplifier, which is internal two amplifiers, one from 9kHz to 400MHz, the second from 200MHz to 1GHz.

The output is routed into a second Amplifier on a different GPIB address, and in this Amplifier is the RF switch matrix which i have to switch for routing the Output of Amplifier 1 to the right output of Amplifier 2.

Amplifier 2 has the GPIB address of Amplifier 1 plus 1 (e.g. Amplifier 1 address 7, Amplifier 2 address 8).

How can I extract the GPIB address out of the VISAresourceName and set it to GPIB adddress +1?


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