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By default Labview 8.6 places classic controls on the front panel; Is there any possible way to change the default settings to Modern or Express ??..

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Message Edited by Musab Siddiq on 09-14-2009 11:19 AM
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Why you want that? Post in detail so that there maybe a workaround.


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The default is modern controls and I change it always to classic.

I'm classic and the classic controls are far more easy to adapt to what I want.

goto options and look along all tabs to find the place where new vi's can be set to modern controls by default

But keep in mind only new i's, old vi's have to be changed in the properties of that vi.


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Thanks for the suggestion Albert! works.. classic is classic!..I am a recent graduate & new to Labview, so felt like using the Modern controls. 

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Just use what you like most, the world will be a better place if everybody did that without trying to get the stuff somebody else owns.
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Smiley Happy


Sure!  I will try my best!

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