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Bug Report: Tek DPO 4000 oscilloscope driver (won't Recall Setup)

There's an error in this instrument driver: tkdpo4k\tkdpo4k.llb\tkdpo4k Save-Recall


Save Setup works but Recall Setup doesn't.  On the block diagram, Recall case, the 'Initial String" input constant to "Format Into String" vi is "*RCL"  It's missing a trailing space as in the Save case "*SAV ".

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Me again...same Vi.

While we're at it, the addressing of the location to save and recall setup is off by one. The old 0 vs. 1 index for the first value of an array.  The setup storage locations for this scope are 1 through 10.  This 'tested' instrument driver tries to address them as 0 through 9.

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Hi chris8332,


Thank you for the feedback. We will try to reproduce this issue on this side and check it out.


Thank you!

Chris T.
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Hi chris8332,


This was reported to R&D (# 285920) for further investigation. Thank you for the feedback!



Chris T.
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