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Bluetooth Com Port Problems with Linkmatik 2

Hi all,

I've written a vi to read data from my com port and displays it in a waveform. It works fine when I'm connecting it to my serial cable. After that i connected a Linkmatik 2 Bluetooth module (in preprogrammed slave mode)  to my tx pin of my pic16f877. I started the connection (paired e 2 devices) and I'm able to see my data in hyperterminal.

Next I tried using the vi I've used earlier and used the allocated COM6 to connect. The Vi doesnt seem to plot the data after that. Anyone knows why? I'm using a IBM thinkpad T60 with its in-built bluetooth module and labview 8.0 student edition.

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Hey Gerard,

I can't give you a direct solution right off the bat, but I can give you a good troubleshooting tool. Normally, I would recommend using NI-Spy. You can find it at Start->Programs->National Instruments->NI-Spy. To see what exactly is going on on the port. I don't think it works for hyper terminal though. What you could use is a 3rd party program such as Com Port Monitoring Component. Usually, you can use the port monitoring tool, and if you're able to make them send the same information, then it should work fine.

Can you let me know if this helps?


Nick D.

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Hi Nick,

I've found the problem already. I did not install the drivers CD for my laptop and previously I was working on my desktop. Thanks for your suggestion!! 🙂

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hi all,
im new here and want ur help

i bought a linkmatik 2.0 -SO- and connect it as it shown in the data sheet with out a controller - later i want to connect it to a PIC- but i cannot discover it in my mobile, any one can help me plz?

my connection :
-VSS, reset and ESC to the ground
-vdd to the 3.3 volt source
- connect RTS with CTS for no flow control
-connect ATN and Tx to leds to see any response but there is no responce

how can i descover it in my mobile???
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Hey hanoodih

Could you give a little more detail on what you would like to do. I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by PIC and mobile. If you could get me some more info, I would be glad to try to get you some solutions

Can Wong
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thx can for ur replay

PIC: PIC microcontroller "PIC16f877A"

mobile: cell phone

i connect the linkmatik 2.0 without the PIC as the connection which i explain it previously then i try to discover the linkmatik in my cell phone - i search about new devises - but no devices found, so i dont know where is the problem? is it from my connection or the link matik didnt work properly?

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Hey hanoodih,
I'm not familiar with the PIC16f877A, and so probably won't be much help in this case. It would probably be better if you tried contacting the makers of the PIC for more information.
Can Wong
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forget the PIC i told u that i will connect it later now im asking why i cannot discover the link matik with my mobiile? the connectios as i told u befor - WITH OUT A PIC -
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Looking at the data sheet from the Linkmatik device, it seems to me that to you have to set certain things up before bluetooth can be used. Somethings to check are that you have it set up in Slave mode, as it is in that state it is detectable. This also requires that the Connect/Sleep pin is high. Again I'm not to sure about this device, it would probably yield you better results if you contacted the manufacturer.

Hope this helps,
Can Wong
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Hi Gerald, I have purchased a Linkmatik 2 bluetooth module, but cant find anywhere that seems to give a definate way of configuring it. I have the data sheet but it doesn't tell me much about what is actually connected where. Do I need an Max232 converter seeing as I would like to replece the RS232 connection. Also I am using an 8051 microcontroller as the UART. Do you have a basic idea of how to set up the RS232 side of things in hardware?

Many Thanks
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