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Asking for recommendations using old plug and play driver and new IVI driver for Keysight DAQ 970

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Hi, I 'm starting this thread to ask for your suggestions on configuring the DAQ 970 for my new Desktop.


I used to use Agilent 34970A for my projects and I was using the plug-and-play driver with NI VISA without any problem, but recently I started a new project and I'm buying a new DAQ970A and a new Desktop. I found that there are two ways to use LabVIEW with the DAQ970A, but I'm not sure which way is better for me. It seems that the VIs remains the same with the plug-and-play driver, but I'm not sure if the VIs for the new IVI driver are quite different and I have to learn from scratch.


I don't need advanced features with the DAQ, but I do want to fully utilize the improvement of sampling speed on the new DAQ. Do you know is there any differences in performance using these two drivers?


Thank you for your attention.

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If the plug and play driver works, I would use that as the simplest solution.

Although I really like the IVI idea, I don't like the implementation with c-calling deep down below.

Everything in LabVIEW itself is easier to debug and maintain.


Maybe it is time to implement an IVI layer in LabVIEW completely now we have classes and interfaces.

greetings from the Netherlands
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My personal opinion is to reuse the SCPI commands as they have not changed from [34970A] from HP to Agilent to Keysight and remains the same for the new DAQ970A.  I prefer the control the equipment by requesting only what I need without added overhead.

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