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Agilent PSA Spectrum Analyzer Phase Noise change reference level

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I am remotely controlling an E4448A PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer. When asked SYS:VERS? it responds with 1997.


I have successfully remotely controlled the Phase Noise measurement data collection but I need to be able to also take a screenshot.

I have had the screenshot functionality working for a while.


The problem is that I cannot get the reference level to change to bring the signal into view for the screenshot.

I have tried many variations of commands found in different documents but none do the trick.


For example, I can query DISP:MON:WIND:TRAC:Y:SCAL:RLEV? which returns 0, then set it DISP:MON:WIND:TRAC:Y:SCAL:RLEV -40 and query again and get -40.

So it's changing something but nothing happens on the screen. The reference level for the log plot remains at the default -70.


It appears to be changing something outside of the Phase Noise personality.


Any changes to the command to include LPL result in an undefined header error.


I have scoured the PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Option 226 Phase Noise Guide, the User's and Programmer's Reference, Volume 2 One-Button Power Measurements as well as N9068A & W9068A Phase Noise Measurement Application User's & Programmer's Reference to no avail.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Any success reaching out to Agilent technical support to see if it is actually feasible over remote control? maybe that specific firmware doesn't support?

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No luck with Agilent. They sent me to Keysight who no longer supports the model E4448.


I ended up just saving a state with the reference level where it needs to be and remotely recalling the state, which is not ideal but will suffice.



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