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Agilent PCI-GPIB not seen

I have an Agilent 82350A PCI-GPIB. The board is visible in the Control panel and it
seems that there is no conflict related to it, but NI-488.2 program does not see the boad, it gives the message that the GPIB board is not detected. I re-installed everything, the board and the program, and it still does not work. I would appreciate some help. Thank you!
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The NI in NI-488 stands for National Instruments and not Agilent. The NI-488 functions will only work with an NI board. To use LabVIEW, you will have to use VISA. Install Agilent's version of VISA, make sure that you've got MAX installed and enable Tulip support.
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I re-installed Agilent's VISA and enabled Tulip support. The card is still not visible in MAX (devices and interfaces), but a message appeared "No VISA ressources found". Do you have any ideea what to do next?
Thank you!
Angela (ghiocel)
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