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Agilent E3633a DC power supply wont stop beeping!!

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I am using VISA commands to control an agilent E3633a DC power supply given some other commands in a for loop.  Every time I write with a VISA command, which is inside a for loop, the power supply beeps and it is beyond annoying.  There is no errors that I can find in the VI or on the power supply, is there a write command to make this thing stop? 


I don't want to have to resort to doing a hardware fix but I am open to new ideas.  

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I can imagine that the beeping is annoying. Has the DC power supply ever not beeped when you issue VISA commands? Does it beep when you issue a single command?


Are you able to see that there are no errors on the power supply from pressing the Error key on the front panel of the power supply?


David Fawcett

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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I have figured it out since yesterday: I wasn't reading buffers in after measuring the voltage/ current to the device.  The beeping was the errors that the power supply was facing, not the code.  I found the manual and looked up the errors and syntax and no more beeping! SO relieved.   

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