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Agilent 4155B Parameter Analyzer with HP 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Hello Experts,


I am facing an issue while controlling Agilent 4155B Parameter Analyzer together with HP 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.

When I turn OFF the oscilloscope, the parameter analyzer works perfectly as aspected and I am able to sample the data.

However when I turn ON the oscilloscope, the parameter analyzer configuration slows down and then it times out in between.

I am able to configure the oscilloscope independently and plot the waveform on my screen irrespective if the parameter analyzer is ON or OFF.

I have checked the INSTR addresses of both devices and they are different.


I am stuck and have no clue what and where the problem can be??

Has anyone came across a similar issue?


Looking forward to some tips, that I can try.




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It might be hardware ( i.e a broken GPIB cable). Comparing NI SPY logs between good and bad case might give you a hint, too.   

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Thanks Markus for your suggestions I will try to replace the cables and check.

Also will look into the NI Spy log and get back again.


Further yesterday night while debugging I noticed, the time out occurs at "wait for RQS vi" in my parameter analyzer control vi, when the oscilloscope is ON. When the oscilloscope is OFF this RQS vi returns a value after a very short delay the everything works fine.

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