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Agilent 3495A with GPIB from national instrument

Hello everyone,


I am using a converter GPIB to USB from national instrument. . I would like to record data from the spectrum analyser.

I downloaded the I/O libraries suite but it doesn't recognize the spectrum analyser (see picture below “NI GPIB0”) probably because the GPIB-USB is not from Keysight.keysight.png

I don't know if I was a good idea to download national instrument GPIB driver, because it may have some driver conflict with the Keysight driver.



I have already tried to reinstall the software but it stills not working.

Have you ever had this kind of problem?


Thanks in advance for your comments.


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From my experience the Keysight I/O library and NI software work together quite well.


You will need the NI drivers installed to use the NI GPIB-USB, so install that and you should be good to go. 


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Hi thanks ,


Well I did install the drive NI GPIB-USB  (the NI-488.2) and I can see in my device manager that my laptop recognize the GPIB-USB.

But "Keysignt connection expert" does not find any instrument (see picture attached).


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maybe I need to change some settings from the spectrum analyser? 

My laptop recognize the GPIB converter but not the instrument, so it is like the connection between the cable and the spectrum analyser is not good. I took a picture of the connector and the light "ready" is lit but not the light "active" see picture attached, so the connection is not made properly, but I don't know where the problem comes from.


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Have you checked to see if the instrument is recognized in NI MAX? If it is, then Keysight support may have better resources to assist you as it would be an issue with their software recognizing the instrument.

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