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Advice about buying power supply and ADC-DAC card.

Hi everyone!


I have LabVIEW 2014 and i need to buy a power supply which i could program with it(with LabVIEW library). Power supply must have 3 channels, limit power up to 600 Watt (for example 60V 25A: 60V-10A;24V-25A), usb interface and if it possible RS-232. Purpose of this power supply to measure structures in wide diapason of voltage and current. I have experience with programing power supply PPS3205T-3S and its took time to program it through connection protocol couse i coudn't find labview library for it. May be you use some good equipment and can give me advise about it or where i can buy it.

Also i need ADC-DAC card with ADC resolution 12 bit and usb interface(with LabVIEW library), with which i would able to collect data from power supply and apply voltage 10V.


Thank you.

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To get the combinations you want, you might have to look more at a 750W power supply and get 3 of them.  If shopping NI, the RMX-4121 should do the job.  TDK has a 1500W that will meet your specs as well (GEN60-25-D).


As far as DAQs are concerned, how many channels do you need for the inputs and outputs?  10V is a typical maximum voltage for DAQs, so the channel count will be your biggest issue.

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thanks for reply, ok, which power supply i can buy with 3 channels  or at least 2, and what power limit they have? Do you have work experience with those power supply?

About DAQ card: 16 single-ended channels or 8 differential inputs.


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