Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Acuity Laser AR1000 Serial communication

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I am hoping someone has got one of these lasers and is using with Labview and would be kind enough to share their VI, I am a novice to Labview and struggling with basic communication and VISA commands  with this laser if anyone could show me how to simple turn the laser on and show a reading i would appreciate it greatly.

Attached is the manual section 5 explains basics of how to connect the laser but i have been unsucessful.




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This should at least get you started.  The default serial port settings should work just fine unless the device has been commanded to be different.


The important thing here is that the instrument ends each message with a CR LF.  So we can use that to our advantage by using the Termination Charater.  The VISA Read will stop when it reads the number of bytes it was told to read, encounters a terminal character, or timesout.  So by having the termination character enabled and set to LF (all default), we can just tell the VISA Read to read more bytes than we expect and we will get the full message.


What was not mentioned in the manual was if the instrument needs a CR LF at the end of the messages sent to it.  So we may have to concatinate an End Of Line to our messages.


VI was saved in LabVIEW 8.0.

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I understand this post has been solved and it dates to 2017.. but I have a similar laser acuity (AS2100) for which I also created a forum discussion (here is the name: ACUITY LASER AS2100 DISTANCE MEASUREMENT,RS-232 TO USB, section: INSTRUMENT CONTROL (GPIB, SERIAL, V...and could use some help from an expert to get started to read some data continuously.


If you could help me with getting started to read continuous reading it would be greatly appreciated, as I am a novice labview programmer and i cannot get the connection right to get some data out. I want to communicate by serial RS232 and to read data converted to distance in mm.


I have uploaded the manual and section 4 provides info on the code, but i cannot get something out to read.





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