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Access GPIB-ENET/1000 directly through its IP address



Is there a resource descriptor for GPIB devices which employs the IP address of a GPIB-ENET interface as the board reference? I know the usual way is to add the GPIB-ENET interface as a network device in MAX to get the GPIBx::y::INSTR resource descriptors. I did so on the development machine. On other machines I'd prefer to have an executable to acquire data from the GPIB devices without installing MAX. Is there any way to access the GPIB devices through the IP address of the interface?




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Hey kao281,


Have you seen How Can I Use My ENET Device as a TCP/IP Resource?


Should be a good place to start!

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Dear Rebecca,


Thank you for your suggestion. 

The method works perfectly for serial devices connected through ethernet, and I've used it for some of those instruments.

However, there doesn't seem to be valid resource names for GPIB devices based on the IP address of the GPIB-ENET interface (like GPIB::<IP address>::<primary address>::INSTR). All GPIB resource names appear to be based on the board number.

See also:

I do not understand why NI mentions GPIB instruments in the article you refer to.


Kind regards,


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