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About the crash of the Agilent 33512B signal generator instrument control demo


I am performing instrument control on the Agilent 33512B signal generator. I encountered the following problems:
When I use the instrument driver demo provided by NI, it is possible to use the demo for the first time after the instrument is turned on. When the demo program ends, and then run again, the demo will crash. I have to turn off the power of the 33512B signal generator before the demo will stop. Is this what is the reason? thank you!
See the attachment for the demo I used.


----------- 使用的硬件和软件版本---------------

PC : Windows 10 / 64-bit / all NI files are saved in D

drive Labview : 2017/2020 trial / NI max

Function generator : 33512B, connected by USB cable

Drivers : DAQmx / NI VISA17.0 / Agilent 3352X Series


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