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My Question is a compatible issue AT-GPIB and PCI-GPIB.
I'm going to replace the PC to New One.
Old PC : Windows 95 with AT-GPIB.
New PC : Windows NT4.0 workstatiion with PCI-GPIB.
GPIB Instrument : NEFF 470(
Replacing PC, no compatible problem to communication the NEFF470?
And One more important Problem.
The PCI-GPIB Card is working well in Windows 2000.
But Windows NT4.0 Workstation, there is some problem.
please see attached capture file. I think the problem is driver Software...
I tried but fail with the driver(ni488216.exe) which downloaded at ni homepage.(NI Home->support->drivers&updates->All software Version->GPIB->All Versions(Left side)->GPIB->NI-4882(win32)Version 1.60 for WindowsNT.
Please Help Me.

Thank You.
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There will be no compatibility problem with the NEFF470 if the PC is replaced.

Is there a specific reason why you are installing NI-488.2 ver 1.6? Ver 1.7 is our latest software for NT. Are you installing the software before the hardware? When exactly do you get the message displayed in the Error #1 screenshot? Is it after you boot up for the first time after inserting the card? Don't worry about the interface not being verified, there are a number of reasons why that could be happening, none of which affect the functionality of the card.
Ray K
NI Applications Engineer
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