Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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9914 GPIB Controller chip- Who uses this?

I have surplus inventory on a TI part # SMJ9914AJDS . This part is a
GPIB controller chip that was used by our customer and no longer
needed. We have about 600 pieces at below factory cost. You can't
even purchase these becuase TI has made them obsolete. Please contact
me if you have any interest in purchasing any of these parts. When you
could buy these parts, they were sold for over $ 80.00 each. Make us
an offer on all of these parts and you may be surprised how low we will
go. All of these parts are new in origional factory packaging. This
device may still be used in some millitary display units.

Contact me at Everest Electronics.
Shawn 714-633-2170 or email me at

(Remove the NOJUNKMAIL from my email address)

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