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4 wire sensing erratic behavior (LabView & Keithley 2400)

I am currently attempting to take a 4 wire measurement sourcing current with a Keithley 2400. However I keep having very erratic measurements. I am currently measuring a 150.5nm Silver thin film. I am worried that the impedance of the device may not be high enough because I keep reaching compliance or the current is leaking out of the probes. When it is in the 2 wire mode the program produces expected values, but in the 4 wire it is difficult to obtain a steady reading. Please help.


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Are you on the 4 wire Sensing Mode? Get there by pressing " Config" >> "Ohm (symbol) >> "Sense Mode" >> 4Wire.


Make a hand measurement before letting LabVIEW take over. Is the arrangement of probes right? 


Keithley has good support so I would suggest giving them a call..






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