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0xBFFF0015 using GPIB-USB and Toellner 8815

Hello everybody,


I'm trying to control a Toellner 8815 Power Generator using the NI GPIB-USB-HS connector.


I got everything installed, which means that MAX is working and showing the device as USB0::0x3923::0x709B::0162AC24::RAW and an VISA alias of 'Toellner'. The device is physically connected and switched on, the status in MAX tells 'This device is working properly.'


To communicate with the device I use the 'Open VISA Test Panel' context menu in MAX. Inside the Visa test panel I use the default settings and switch to 'Input/Output'.


Here I can 'Write' the identify query (*IDN?\n) two times with the answers 'Write Operation (*IDN?\n) Return count: 6 bytes' and in return data 'No Error'.


If I repeat the same once more I get the result 


Write Operation (*IDN?\n)

VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Zeitüberschreitung, bevor der Vorgang abgeschlossen werden konnte.


being the German version of timeout.


If I 'Query' the identify, then I get the same error message when the results of the query are read.


Performing a 'Read Status Byte' results in error message 0xBFFF003A (...German...), which means bad or conflicting settings.


It looks like the device does not answer anything and the write buffer is about six bytes in size.


Is additional configuration required to be able to send VISA commands via USB?  So far I used the default settings for USB.


Thanks for any new ideas.


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This was an installation problem.


The error was that I generated and installed an USB driver using the NI wizard.  This was neither needed nor good. After deinstallation of the generated driver the Windows USB-system switched back to the original driver from the installation and everything worked.


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