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spike after cRIO reboots on Integration trend



On two cRIOs, I have started getting a spike when the cRIOs transitions on and off. 

I have the two cRIO-9036s connected to a single vibration protection system.  When the cRIOs reboot they produces a spike in the trend.  I only see this spike in the trends that use the integrated data.   

Not sure why they transition, but every two days, or so, I get the spike then an alarm. 


I have attached my setup and trend plots. 


InsightCM 3.6.3




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Hi Chase,


Have you seen this in the past / have any changes recently been made to these systems?


Would you mind generating and sending a support report so I can more accurately replicate your setup? You can find the instructions here:


Also, could you send over the reboot and debug logs for one of the devices in question? You can export these logs through the action menu on the devices page.


Best regards,


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Thanks, i will get this in. 


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