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cRio 9058 Power LED Off


Hello everyone,


I am experiencing a weird behavior from one of my cRios (9058). When looking at this particular cRio, the power LED and the other 4 LEDS next to it are off. You would assume this means the crio is off but the think is, the crio is powered and the Gigabit LEDS in port 0 are on.


If I power cycle the cRio, it behaves normally for a short amount of time but it goes back to doing that weird behavior I described above.


Any ideas on what might be causing this?



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I think this sort of behavior may be indicative of a hardware issue. At the very least, the power LED should be illuminated if the cRIO is receiving sufficient power. Could you create a service request so one of our Technical Support Engineers can work with you to evaluate sending the unit in for RMA?


Best regards,


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Thanks for the advice. Before I send it in for repairs are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to try and fix the issue?

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