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Unable to add / clone / remove definitions from Asset Node Definition Editor Page

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I have an evaluation copy of InsightCM v3.3 running and connected to a CMS-9068. I'd like to add additional static sensor definitions for common process values such as pressure, oil level, etc. The built-in definitions of current, voltage, rtd, thermocouple, and digital input are not sufficient. I've navigated to the Asset Node Definition page, but for some reason there is no option to add, clone, remove, import or export definitions. Based on the information in this post, I should be able edit and add custom definitions. Comparing the screenshot in that post to the screen shot I've attached of my Asset node definition page, I am missing the add, clone, and remove buttons. Is this functionality limited since I am running an evaluation copy?




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11-30-2018 12:42 PM

Hi Alex,


The Asset Definitions page is a bit different in InsightCM 3.3. The page no longer allows you to clone or create entirely new asset definitions, but you can do this in the InsightCM Console. You can export an asset definition with the following command:

>InsightCM Console exportdefinition -t asset -n [name] -o [output filepath]

Where "name" should be the asset you would like to use as a template (Voltage, for instance) and the output filepath ends in .json


You can then open the JSON file and change the Type and import with the importdefinition command. The new asset type will appear on the Asset Definitions page, and you can make your desired changes.





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Thanks the information. I have a follow on question. Let's say I have an asset with an oil level sensor and an oil temperature sensor. Both sensors are monitored from a 4-20mA "static" card. The units for the oil level would be in % and temperature would be F. Would it make more sense to add these units to the built-in "Current" sensor type since it is a 4-20mA signal? Or would it be better practice to define new asset node definitions?


For example define unit "Percent", then define asset node "Percent" and set the scale/offset properties appropriately to scale 0-100% to 4-20mA. Then define a generic "Temperature" asset node (as opposed to the more specific RTD or Thermocouple definitions) and set the scale/offset properties appropriately to scale the sensor measurement range with its 4-20mA output range.




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I'm happy to help. I recommend adding the % and Fahrenheit units to the existing Current asset definition, since it's a bit easier to setup. Your asset type would appear as "Current" instead of "Oil Level" or "Oil Temp", but that's the only difference that comes to mind.


Either option works, however, so it comes down to what you would prefer.



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