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Move InsightCM Data Directory from C: to x: drives in InsightCM 3.6

Digging through the manual for 3.6 I don't see any direction to install the software and provide a redirection for storage of data, separating the OS drive from the data drive.  Can you provide a link to those instructions?

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This document refers to ICM 3.2, but I used it for an ICM 3.3 installation.  I believe the process will be the same for 3.6


I think the one thing about 3.3 and later that differs from this document is that I no longer see the installer ask for where you want to set the default storage directory.


Here is another document that pertains to moving data to a new machine, but I think there are some tidbits in there that are helpful.

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I appreciate it. I had found the first document but was hoping for a better instruction set for 3.6.  It is one of those things that I think should be in the base manual.  I hadn't seen the second link that is wonderful, thank you.  

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We now have a full set of recent instructions, thank you for the help!


So for standing up a new server you will want to Set the Data Storage Directory:


1) The Data Storage Directory in InsightCM (Publish Date: Nov 04, 2019): 


2) Move Data From Existing Server to New Server (Publish Date: Sep 10, 2019):



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