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InsightCM 3.3 MongoDB Failure

This is repeat problem, that was solved about 6 months ago, and now has returned.  The link to the previous description is:


This time, the NI InsightCM license has expired.  I am  working with the client to obtain a new license, and will likely upgrade to version 3.5 so the site has support for wireless.  


The attached file is a listing of the errors, when launching NI InsightCM from chrome.  


All the NI services are running on the server.  I checked the firewall parameters, and restarted the computer.  


Let me know if there are other items to review.  I would like to know why MongoDB is reporting errors.  



Preston Johnson
Principal, Intelligent Monitoring and IIoT
Allied Reliability Group
512 431 2371
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Hi Preston,

Sorry you're dealing with that again. Is the MongoDB service running? Could you grab the MongoDB logs from C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0\mongodb ?



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