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Data Viewer - Spectrum Alarms


Spectrum Alarms

I was able to set up two spectrum alarms per accelerometer.  I did this by setting one operating state to "All" and the other to "on".  The first one I have an integration type as none (acceleration), the second the integration type is set to single integration (velocity).  This allows me to have a spectrum alarm for both the acceleration and velocity spectrums.


In the data viewer, I can see the acceleration spectrum alarm on the chart with the "show alarm levels" box checked.   I can not see the velocity spectral alarm when I am on the velocity trend, even with the "show alarm levels" box checked in the spectrum chart. 


Future version - can we have the following added:

1. all spectrum alarms visible for a given sensor, no matter what feature is selected, but have the integration selection on the spectrum chart dictate which spectrum alarm to display.


2.  instead of having the operating state the first rule governing spectrum alarms, make the first rule the integration selection.


Example - the trend alarm rules are governed first by the feature (one alarm per feature).  Have the spectral alarms first rule selected by the integration type. 

This gives you one spectral alarm per integration type and it will allow the data viewer to coordinate with this.






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Thanks for the feedback! The alarms and data viewer UI for the next major version of InsightCM has not been finalized, so we'll take this feedback into account during development.


Best regards,

Brian P.

InsightCM Product Support Engineer

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