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Today I wanted to add a comment to a data point explaining a waveform pattern. After I created it, I clicked on the 'Annotate Comments' button on the trend window toolbar and no icon appeared. I tried entering several other comments to data over the last few days and some of them show an icon. Moreover, it seems the Comment icons on the trend graph carry over to all sensor data points located under a machine definition. After a little more playing, it appears that any comments that are associated with records that also have a data set associated with them will never show the comment icon whether or not the data set is annotated with an icon.


trend window with some comments.png


Is this the correct behavior? Is there any way to get the comment icon to display for points with a data set? That would be important for others on the team to know there was a comment for their review.


We are running version 3.3.0.


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. After further investigation, we found that this should only occur when adding a comment to archived data. Unfortunately, there are not any feasible workarounds for this issue. We have a bug fix ready to go, which you can expect to see in a future version of InsightCM.

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