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deploying application using pci-8532

I am trying try deploy an application that uses a cDAQ-9178 and a PCI-8532 Devicenet (version 2.0.2). The built application work fine on the developement system, but on the deployed system it hangs for ~45 seconds before giving an error (see attachment). What am I missing?


I also moved the project to another development system and had to setup  the DAQmx names (no problem with MAX) but in the project manager I had to set up the global variable for the bits on the DeviceNet board that I use and setup the auto deployment on startup - how does that happen on the deployed application when there is no project manager?


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Hello, I talked to you yesterday on the phone.


The core issue that we were discussing was that simply moving the LabVIEW project file to a different development machine did not work smoothly, and that namely you needed to set up the DeviceNet board again.


If moving the project requires configuration in the project then building an exe surely would not work (As you experienced).


So, to try and clarify this to others, are there specific DeviceNet settings that you can set in a project so that it will correctly migrate between machines that have the same harware.

Craig H. | CLA CTA CLED | Systems Engineer | National Instruments
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I was mistaken when I moved the project the the setup did move ok. I think at the time I created a new project.


My latest problem now. The target machine is a windows 7 machine which the runtime did not work on. We installed the development package on the target machine and the project runs as expected - good. But the built exe that was built on that machine from the project that runs on that machine does not run as an exe. Also the exe that was built before and runs on the xp development machine also does not run on the windows 7 machine with a different error code now. Attached is the new error from the windows 7 target machine once the development package was installed,

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Well, it looks like the DeviceNet parts of the program are working correctly.


I will help you with shared variables through email.

Craig H. | CLA CTA CLED | Systems Engineer | National Instruments
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