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When i use PXI Profinet communicate to simens plc ,Veristand use pxi-profinet custom device is error,But LabVIEW RT Use it is correct


Now I use NI PXI Profinet card (port 2 used as device)to communicate to siemens d435(controler) ,Now I have two problem:

The first One,When I use it in labview real time os,the first run ,the deivices vi can't read and write data , and the output status is 0x60,the help only have 0x00(bad)and 0x80(good)。the second time run will correct,the output status is 0x80(good)。


The second one ,I wite the device vi as custom device or labview model,No matter I deploy and undeploy many times ,I can't read and write data from siemens,So,I try to put "deploy and undeploy,then deploy " in custom device initial frame,It's still error ,the ouput status is 0x60。


Now I have to know what i do,I think this problom is the card deriver,I want to know the difference ni labview rt os and veristand custom device。



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