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Using LabView to operate Bosch Rexroth HCS01

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Hello People,


I'm a student assistant and my present project is to complete what was started in a diploma thesis more than a year ago: To construct a experimental rig to test the effect of superconductivity on maglev-technology. Part of this experimental rig is a system of three precision-rails operated by compact inverters HCS01 (IndraDrive Cs) by Bosch Rexroth.


My question is: Is it possible to use LabView to operate all three axes from one central VI?


I already connected all three compact inverters to a computer and I'm able to operate them using IndraWorks Ds easy-startup-mode, but this way i can only operate them seperately and not from one single window.


Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated!



Paul Masuch

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HI Paul,


First of all, it is possible to communicate via LabVIEW with your


maybe this helps: Getting Started with Communication over Ethernet/IP between labview and Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive CS ...


It is another forums post with helpful links attached on how to communicate with an Ethernet Device via VISA in LabVIEW.







Anna Vogl
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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Hi Anna,


Thanks for the reply. I already saw that article, but it doesn't really help me, as I'm really not very familiar with the subject and english is not my first language.


My problem is that I can't learn to program a PLC, because i just got 30 monthly working hours. As I was looking for answers on the internet I saw something about "Open Core Engineering", so I had high hopes of finding an easy-to-implement solution for LabView. As I can already operate the axes via IndraWorks, I was looking for a VI which has the same options I can already access in IndraWorks, like using set points for the position.


If there is a VI that can be used to control the HCS01 compact inverters (or a VI to operate a separate controller, which then controls the three HCS01s) I would be grateful if someone could show me how to implement them.




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HI Paul,


unfortunately there is no instrument driver for HCS01 already developped for LabVIEW. You have to use the standard VISA-driver that is described in the Link in the other forums post.


Use those links and the provided Examples in your LabVIEW environment and you should be able to do the basic communication.

But you have to know what commands are expected by your instument do to further control.


Sorry that there is no easier way. 



Anna Vogl
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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Accepted by topic author paulmasuch
12-21-2015 01:54 AM

Hi Everybody,


I just found this forum entry about controlling Rexroth components with LabView and as a Rexroth representative I have to disagree that there´s no easier way to control than using Ethernet/IP. Smiley Happy

We have a official Partnership with National Instruments and offer for all our components (IndrDrives as well as IndraControl PLCs) a complete VI Package to access any functionality of a PLC or Drive of Bosch Rexroth. These is only possible through our Bosch Rexroth Open Core and our open approach that we follow with our automation components. For PLCs the VI Package contains more than 850 VIs to communicate directly from your LabView runtime to the controller. These packages are completely free of charge for you and you can download the packages from our Website

(access is granted after registration in our engineering Network).

Furthermore it´s also possible to control our drives from a NI cRIO using CoE.


Here is a small overview of our Open Core Interface Functionality. There are SDKs for several programming languages and several technologies including National Instruments Soft- and Hardware.

Rexroth Open Core Interface Functionality

Open Core 4 LabView


So you see, there´s no need learn PLC programming anymore, when we want to connect LabView to Rexroth Automation. Smiley Wink


If you have any trouble don´t hasitate to contact me!!!


best regards,


Tammo Schwindt

Application Engineer

Bosch Rexroth AG

Bosch Rexroth Open Core the future of modern Automation!
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Hey Tammon,


Thanks for the reply, although a little late; I already found out about Open Core and am using it now.


This thread can possibly be closed.

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Hallo Tammon,


do you mean that with Open Core you can directly communicate to IndraDrive Cs HCS01 controller from PC?

With just LabVIEW one can move the drive using the Controller HCS01?


please reply,




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Hi MandarG,


The simple answer is: Yes you can. I am doing exactly that right now for my project. The PC is connected via Ethernet to the HCS01.1E, which is connected via the motor cables to a motor. I use LabView with some package called EAL sdk ... , but I'm sorry I can't remember the whole name and I can't look it up right now. If you need further help and don't find a solution, I can search for the full name and perhaps help you.


With the package, finding solutions for your process is extremely straight forward, there are little VIs for everything, like set the motor velocity or acceleration or even move to exact positions, reset the position etc. It was extremely easy to learn and use, as I can say for myself, as I never did anything besides very basic tasks with LabView before, and I now managed to get to a fully working and moving system for my experimental setup Smiley Happy




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Hello MandarG,


YES! Absolutely right! Open Core means that you can access the Core of Bosch Rexroth Drives and PLCs directly from nearly any Programming Language, including Programming with LabVIEW.


If using LabVIEW there are two VI-Packages:

  • OpenCore4Drives (like HCS01): use "EAL4LabVIEW" Library, you can download it for free on (registration necessary)
  • OpenCore4Controls (like L25/L45 or XM22): use "MLPI4LabVIEW", you can download it for free from NI Toolsnetwork or VI Package Manager (e.g. search for "rexroth")




For any Help don´t hasitate to contact me! Smiley Happy


Best regards

Tammo Schwindt

Sales Industry Application
Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company
Phone +49(711)51046-176



Bosch Rexroth Open Core the future of modern Automation!
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Hello Tammon


I was looking for the "EAL4LabVIEW" library, on (I'm registered) but there isn't one. I only have found the"MLPI4LabVIEW" library.


I have a IndraDrive i want to control, so can you tell me where i can get the "EAL4LabVIEW" library?


Thanks smLv

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