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Use a PC as an NI EtherCAT master

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I am also trying to do the same thing - develop LabVIEW program for any EtherCAT manufactures. I was able to write an LV program for Beckhoff EtherCAT boxes with my PC as the master. I used ActiveX technology so I didn't need LabVIEW RT for my purpose.


But to devlop a generic LabVIEW program using my PC as an EtherCAT master, what exactly do I need? Do I need LabVIEW RT and NI-RIO drivers?

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Can I use Ackermann library to control any third party EtherCAT devices ?

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I am using an industrial PC as a real-time target.  The PC has a NI PCI-8232 card in it so I can communicate to Beckoff IO modules such as the EL2008 Digital Output module.  I have configured the real-time target and and setup the EtherCAT master and slave devices.  Are there any examples of LV RT communications with these IO modules or similar modules.  I am pretty familiar with use of LV RT as far as using DaqMX devices but starting to work with EtherCAT.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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The Master driver installs examples for LabVIEW. You should be able to find them within the example finder. Most of them are made for the NI 9144 ecat slave but you should be able to use modt of them with 3rd party slaves as well.


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Hello everyone,


Currently I am doing a same project as Smrgol but different hardware, I setup a Beckhoff IPC as Real time targer and I want to use this as my EtherCAT Master. Previously I am using ADlink EU-series as EtherCAT slaves, because of the missing of XML(ESI) file, now I am using Beckhoff I/O device asEtherCAT slaves.


I follow all the instructions in the documentation and other resources, but now I am stuck at the EtherCAT Master detection.

From the website above, I faced the problem at Step 4: Configuring the Network in LabVIEW.

No Adapter.jpg


From what I know so far, there are two factor will make this happen:

1. The compatibility of IndCOM for EtherCAT and NI-RIO version, my IndCOM for EtherCAT is 19.0 and NI-RIO is 19.1, which is compatible;


2. Set the one of the Ethernet Adapter's Adapter Mode to EtherCAT.

NI MAX.jpg


I also tried restarting my labVIEW, the Beckhoff IPC, changed ethernet port... but the EtherCAT Master was still undetectable in the LabVIEW. Please tell me what should I do you know where I am doing wrong, thank you very much.

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Use compatable Intel lancard. From now on, it was OK only at giga intel lan card. PC1000 It was OK also.

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