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Unable to change the driver to operational state during EtherCAT connection


Hello community, this is my first time using NI cRIO-9054 as master device to control the motors.


I am currently trying to establish EtherCAT connection between the cRIO and the MAXPOS, but I cannot get the axis to run.


When I read the error, it seems like that the EtherCAT slave (MAXPOS) refuses to change to an 'operational' state.


Constantly returning the same error below:


" NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT: (Hex 0x8005445D) An SDO request sent by the master has been aborted by the slave device due to incorrect initial commands or incorrect PDO selection. Check the configuration of the slave device on the device's property page and ensure that the configuration is correct. "


when I try to manually turn it to operational state via 'Online Device State' or


" The selected NI Scan Engine scan period is not supported by this drive. Choose a scan engine period as specified by the documentation for this axis plug-in and update the NI Scan Engine scan period in the LabVIEW project settings for this target."


when I try to run the axis via 'Interactive Test Panel'.


Note that I have not done any programming yet, and I am only configuring devices and axes in my LabView project (.lvproj).


The firmware version of my MAXPOS has been updated to 0121, but nothing seems to be working yet.


Can there be a solution to this problem?


I have been searching everywhere, but I could not find any answers yet.


Please help.

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