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Replacing PCI-DNET with PCI-8532. First time very frustrated with NI support.


I'm new with DeviceNet for Labview.

Where do I start?

How to configure DeviceNet task in NI MAX?

Is any training available?

Why don't you have any phone support for this line of your product?



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Hi anekhoda, 


Sorry to hear you are having issues, the devicenet line is specialized so you may be re-directed here just to get in contact with someone who knows the product. 


1) Start with the PCI shipping examples. and the "Product Overview and How to Use the Software" article of the devicenet help.  

2) Unlike the older DNet cards, there is no configuration needed in max 

3) What type of training do you need? Specifics on the devicenet protocol? A brief overview is given in the help under "DeviceNet Fundamentals" 


The simple way to approach Devicenet is to think of it as CIP over CAN, this article give a good overview of how the different CIP protocols are related.  If you are familiar with either CIP or CAN it should make things much easier. If you aren't familiar with either, read about the CIP addressing scheme and for CAN just worry about understanding the physical requirements for the network (eg termination). 


Although we do have good getting started guides for the cRIO, I think the PCI card is lacking in material. Basically, you should just need to install it, make sure you can see it in MAX, then run the examples. I will post back a rough draft of a tutorial with screen shots to this thread. 



Jesse Dennis
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I have to read sensors and control air solenoid on DeviceNet. How do I address those sensors and actuators?
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How long does it take to get resolution from NI?

Can anyone escalate this ticket?

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Hi anekhoda,


I'm sorry for the delayed response. Since this product is so specialized, R&D supports our DeviceNet products via the forums. I will ping them to see where the status of the rough draft of the tutorial is at and to have them respond to some of your other questions.


Best Regards,

Matthew B.
Senior Product Manager - NI InsightCM™ and Monitoring Solutions
National Instruments
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Support from NI is nearly impossible on this subject.  I have been at customer site struggling the last couple of days trying to get my code working.


However I did manage to migrate my old vi written for the PCI-DNET card over to the new PCI-8532 card.  I found the attached document in one of the posts on here.  I did update my system to LV 2013 SP1 and to NI INdustrial Communications for DeviceNET 2.3.  For the location of the files in the attached PDF I went to:


C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2013\vi.lib\DeviceNet\VIAPI\Open DeviceNet


I hope this helps.  If you need additional help feel free to post on here and maybe I can help.

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My original software was developed in VB6.0. I'm replacing PCI-DNET with PCI-8532 and want MAKE NEW PROGRAM  in LabVIEW, but it takes me so many efforts to get NI tech support that I start to think to RETURN NI hardware and switch to AB PLC. What is going on guys. Do we have a contract for tech support or not?

Why nobody unswer my direct questions?


What is direct contct for tech support supervisor?



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I am new in the use of NI PCI8532 DeviceNet card, i just tried to test it with an example of devicenet palette (Easy IO Config),

but the program show this msg and i don't how to config it because in IN Max idon't have enough information.

So, how can I do?

i need to know how config the I/O and the interface configuration of the NI PCI 8532 devicenet card?Capture.PNG

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In the future, please post a new thread rather than bump three threads.  This will make it easier for R&D to determine what exactly is your problem rather than having to sift through three different threads to see if anything from those threads is relevant to the issue you're seeing.


While R&D does monitor these threads, please keep in mind the holiday season means a lower staffing than usual and it might result in a longer resolution than usual.

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