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Read/Write Allen Bradley Tag Values using Labview (Linux and Windows.)

Just finished up writing some wrapper vi's that call on the libplctag sdk.  Did some very basic testing in Labview for Linux, and Windows. 

Hope it can help some others.



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Delighted to test your project from Linux and Windows, I currently have LabVIEW_2016 for both operating systems, I would particularly like to ask if you can share the project in LabVIEW_2016 version.
I could assist with tests on AllenBradley Micro820 / 850 PLCs, and AB PowerFlex525 frequency inverters, since I have that hardware.
My cordial greetings,

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Sure I won't be able to convert it till Monday when I have access to my development system

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Okay, i added a zip file with the vi's saved for 2016.

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