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Programmatically pushing a Profibus configuration down to a cRIO PB module

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I have several different Kunbus configurations saved for my Profibus networks.  Currently the only way I can download a configuration to the cRIO is through the Kunbus Configurator III tool.  Is there a way I can programmatically download a configuration using LabVIEW? 


Thank you.

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There isn't a way to do this with the cRIO PB driver distribution. The method for downloading the configuration to the module is as you described through Configurator.


How big of an impact is this to your project?

Some programmatic changes are possible with the PCI / PXI DF PROFI II -  related thread.



Andrew T.
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Thank you for the reply Andrew.  Unfortunately, not being able to programmatically push new configurations down to the cRIO PB module will be a big impact to my customer.  In the system that I am replacing the end user can select from a menu of hardware configurations to match how the actual hardware is installed and the software calls up the correct configuration file (.2bf currently).  I was hoping I could get that same functionality with the cRIO PB module.  If some programmatic changes are possible with the PCI/PXI DF PROFI II do you think its possible to expand this to the cRIO PB?




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01-11-2019 12:05 PM

There might be a way to programmatically download the CFG file to your module using a modified configurator DLL and an example.Please contact me directly under



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Here is the download tool for LabVIEW 2014 or later.


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