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Profibus indicator lights/Comsoft Configurator "Online" menu not displaying

Questions from customer having trouble with recent PCI profibus card.


1. I have not seen any of the three indicators light up on the card since I have installed it. The card shows up in the Windows device manager as well as the NI-Max "Devices and Interfaces". I can "Open a VISA Test panel" and see "Stuff", so I assume that the card is functioning. Now to my question: Shouldn't one of the three indicators blink or something, if even to indicate that there is some kind of fault?

2. Following the instructions on the white paper, I have opened Comsoft's Configurator 2 application. The example shows there being an "Online" menu selection. I do not see this on my screen. I do not see a way to add the card from the Configurator 2 software, so I am not sure that I can go any further. Is there any more detailed documentation available concerning the addition of a card using the Comsoft Configuration tool?


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Hi Kurt,


You may contact me via e-mail to discuss this further.


1)  The customer must explicitly follow the steps laid out in the Getting Started PDF.  If it isn't followed, the card may not appear correctly in MAX.  The Getting Started PDFs are installed with the COMSOFT VISA driver.  Please ensure the customer has PXI/PCI version of the driver installed.   The card should be appropriately identified in Device Manager and in MAX afterwards.  When the card is accessed for the first time, then the ON LED will illuminate.  The RUN will come on when we are attempting to do PROFIBUS communication.  BF will come on only if we have an error on the bus.  So until the card is accessed by code, none of the LEDs will come on.


2) I think a step may have been missed here.  The online menu will not show up until a new project has been created in the Configurator.  After that, the online menu will appear.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello Matt,


After referencing the Help menu on the Comsoft Configurator II, I am able to now see how to add the Master and go online. I will spend some time looking through the Help documentation on the Comsoft software to see if I can get some type of response on the LED on the card.



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