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PXI PROFIBUS Interface Module multiple slaves

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Can the PXI PROFIBUS Interface Module emulate multiple slaves at once or can it only emulate one slave?

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Accepted by topic author james123321
07-24-2018 08:11 AM

Hey James, I just happened to be browsing and saw this. 

One slave at a time.

If I remember correctly, you can download a new configuration set up to the PXI card to change the parameters of the slave it's emulating, but this takes a few seconds (~10).

Andrew T.
"His job is to shed light, and not to master" - Robert Hunter
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Do you happen to have documentation about this?  I'd like to read more into it.



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Hi Jenkins,


This was from an old issue I worked on. After some digging I found the code - it's not the prettiest - but it shows the basics. Essentially you're just modifying the address field of the slave blob.

In the project I used a cRIO PB as the master, so you might see some broken items if you don't have that driver installed. You can ignore that (as it was just the master I used) and focus on the PXI-PCI Slave If I remember correctly, the code was last saved in LabVIEW 2013 SP1.

Andrew T.
"His job is to shed light, and not to master" - Robert Hunter
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