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PXI-8513 industrial communication CANopen

Is it possible to use the PXI-8513 with the CANopen software from NI?

Or do I need different hardware from from NI?

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The documentation states that MOST of these X-NET interfaces are backwards compatible with CAN programs.  Not sure which ones are not compatible.

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You can use NI CANopen hardware (NI 9881, PXI-8531, PCI-8531) to implement the CANopen application. And the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen 17.0 is necessary.



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That's really disappointing.

I thought I saw something about canopen for this card.


I will write the canopen layer myself then.

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Technically there still is another way. You could use something called CANopen for LabVIEW Library. It is not officially supported anymore but you can still buy it from your NI Sales person. (P/N 779684-01) It is around $100 and works with the old NI-CAN driver and the Compatibility layer for NI-XNET for your board. 



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Thank you all for the information but I think I will write the canopen function myself.

I will need to write SDO packets which do not look difficult to make.



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Have you been able to get PXI-8513 established CANopen ? I'm trying to control multiple Maxon EPOS4 using CANopen? 

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We purchased the IXXAT canopen device.

As far as I can see it works good.


Still it would be great if NI would release a canopen driver for a generic CAN device.

When you want to use canopen, you allways have to get a PXI card, sadly there is no USB to CANopen from NI.




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