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PXI 8108 lose Ethernet connection

Hello everyone,


I have a small issue regarding  the controller PXI 8108.


After a certain amount of time ( few hours/days), the Ethernet connection between the PC and the  controller PXI 8108 (used as Remote System) is lost.

The connection will be possible only after restarting the chassis

The controller has no fault present. And the link led of the Ethernet is on.

I have noticed this issue on 3 systems with similar configuration until now.


Any tips?

Thank you!


System Info:

PXI 1044 Chassis

PXI 8108

Firmware version: 13.1

OS: NI Real Time Phar Lap ETS 13.1

Labview Real-Time 14.0.1

NI-VISA Server 14.0






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