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PCI 8532 user manual




I am not finding the complete user manual for PC I 8532 , what I get from Internet is 3 page datasheet, Please forward me if you have that,


One more question is, I see DeviceNet card LED's they keep blinking always, even though communication is closed. I do not see LED going off when communication is closed, is this the way it should be?



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Here are the introductions regarding the LED status. Hope it will help. Thanks.


LED Indicator
Each supported DeviceNet product has bi-color (green/red) LED indicators to show status. The LED indicator assignments are as follows:

  • LED 1—The module status LED for Port 1. 
  • LED 2—The network status LED for Port 1. 
  • LED 3—Unused. 
  • LED 4—Unused. 

The module status LED definitions are as follows:

Off No application is using the DeviceNet hardware port. The DeviceNet port is disconnected from the DeviceNet network in this state.
Green The DeviceNet hardware port is operating in a normal condition.
RedThe DeviceNet hardware port has experienced an unrecoverable fault. Stop all of the applications using this port or reboot the related controller.


The network status LED definitions are as follows:

LED Description
Off No application uses the DeviceNet hardware port.
Flashing Green The DeviceNet hardware port is used but has no established connection with other DeviceNet devices.
Green The DeviceNet hardware port has at least one established connection with another DeviceNet device.
Flashing Red One or more I/O connections have timed out.
RedThe DeviceNet hardware port has failed to communicate with the DeviceNet network. The reason can be that the bus is not powered, or a duplicate DeviceNet address (MAC ID) was detected.

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I am new in the use of NI PCI8532 DeviceNet card, i just tried to test it with an example of devicenet palette (Easy IO Config),

but the program show this msg and i don't how to config it because in IN Max idon't have enough information.

So, how can I do?

i need to know how config the I/O and the interface configuration of the NI PCI 8532 devicenet card?Capture.PNG

Many thanks.

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Hi Firas.Lachhab,


Please create a new topic for this question.  I will be able to better help you from that topic, as these topics are not related.


You will not configure anything in MAX with the NI DeviceNet cards (as opposed to the earlier DNET cards).  I would suggest taking a look at some of the examples for DeviceNet.  These are located in Help » Find Examples » Hardware Input & Output » Industrial Communications » DeviceNet » PXI & PCI » Basic.  This should show you how to set the card up as a master or a slave.



Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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