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Overall programming structure of 3rd party slave - Maxon EPOS4 EtherCAT


I'm struggling to run the motor driver - Maxon EPOS4 EtherCAT using cRIO 904x.

I had worked with CANopen to run EPOS4 previously and trying to replace it with EtherCAT.


I followed this instruction to add my 3rd party slave device and it was able to communicate with SDO but I'm stuck going to the next step.


First of all, I'm not sure about the overall programming procedure to communicate with this motor driver. My thought caught from the documentations and the experience with CANopen would be like this:


1) Scan engine -> switch to configuration mode

2) Setup the slave device with SDO communication

3) Scan engine -> switch to active mode -> EtherCAT slave automatically enters operational mode

4) [Timed loop] PDO communication


This would be drawn in the block diagram like this [attachment: ethercat structure.png] :

ethercat structure.png


The problems at this stage are follow:


1) The scan engine cannot enter to the active mode as the EtherCAT slave refuse switching to the safe operational mode. When I had used CANopen, the driver had flawlessly switched to the operational state but I'm not sure is there something I missed with EtherCAT. When I'm trying to switch it to the safe operational mode in the "Online device state" panel of the project, it returns the error like this

safe operational error.png


2) I'm not sure it is normal that I cannot read the EtherCAT:Paremeters in the "Online Slave Device State" panel. It may related with .xml file but I have not enough knowledge on this and not sure whether I have to review .xml file thoroughly or not. (.xml file is attached as .zip file)



3) I drag and dropped the nodes from the project's Ethercat slave device to the block diagram for the PDO communication. Is this the correct method for communicating PDO?




Below are the software version information in MAX.

max software.pngmax software2.png


Thanks in advance for your precious time helping my stuck project.

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