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Ni-PCI 8532 card Pinout Explanation



I am new to using the NI-PCI 8532 card. I am trying to attach a solenoid valve manifold to this card. On the PCI 8532 card pinout, pin 2 is called "V- (CAN reference ground)". I am confused as to why this pin is called V- but the description is that it is the reference ground. Is there a voltage associated with this pin?  What does this pin do?


The solenoid manifold pinout is as follows

1. Shield

2. V+ (power supply)

3. V- (power supply)

4. CAN_H

5.  CAN_L


Do I connect the V- of the solenoid manifold to the V-  (Pin2) on the PCI card? (The pinout for the card is attached).


Thank you



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Hi Jm, 


That pin is just where it connects to the bus power supply. The can bus requires a power supply of 10-30V applied to those two pins. 


I would have to set it up quickly to check, but I believe the PXI devicenet doesn't need external power and can power the bus itself. if it does you don't have to worry about those pins. 


On devices that don't, you just have to make sure the pins are wired to the power on the bus before the devices will work. 


There should be additional information in the Devicenet, CAN and CANopen manuals/help. 







Jesse Dennis
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