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NI-PCI Profibus card and Comsoft

I'm using the NI-PCI Profibus card with COMSOFT Configurator II tool and GSD file for my level device (radar).

This NI-PCI Profibus card is configured master and my level device in slave.

I also use the Comsoft Labview "".

I communicate easily with my level device. I get information as the level and distance (cyclic communication, Block module=Analog input).


How can I do to get the other informations from my level device, the serial number of device, the software revision (acyclic communication) and programmatically change the profibus address ?

Normally, the software revision is in Physical block, index 8 and the serial number is in Physical block, index 12. But these data are not in GSD files.


Thank you, in advance for your help.


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Hi ggr, 


From the cRIO side it sounds like you need a DPV1 connection. That should be possible and is explained on page 22 of the attached manual, which should also be in the start menu. Is that what you are looking for? 


As to what command you need to send, if you have the technical manual for the device I think we can figure it out from that. Do you have a manual? 

Jesse Dennis
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Hi Jesse,


I don't think a CompactRIO is used here but a PCI Profibus interface.



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It's correct, I don't use a cRIO but a PCI card. Perhaps it's not too different for the setting.

I understand that I have to employe a DPV1 connection. I did it. I used the following functions :,, and


On the function, I have "Error code = 80 (d)" and "error code 1 = 176 (d)".


I haven't a Profibus manual about my level device, today.

I don't know exactly, what is a slot for a Profibus network.

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Sorry guys, I missed the PCI detail but I don't think that changes the situation too much. 


The slave address needs to be set in the configurator before running the system. You can't change a slave address without the configurator. 


The GSD file doesn't have any information for the serial number and address, as you noted. Slaves aren't required to have serial numbers implemented that I have seen in the profibus specification and this one might not a serial number accessible. 


Moving forward: 

-Contact the manuafacturer of the device and see if you can get a manual. It will explain if there is any way to get the serial number. 

-There is a chance the manufacturer fields of the diagnostic data have a serial number, but there is no way to fault the device and I am not sure that is a good idea.  



Jesse Dennis
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