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NI INdustrial communications for DeviceNET 2.3.0. Cannot talk to DNET device.

I am using LabVIEW RT 13.0.0 and Industrial Communicatgions for DeviceNET 2.3.0.  I have also installed DNET 1.6.7 on m RT target.  I have followed the directions on another posting to migrate my existing project and DENT related VIs over for the PCI-8532 card.  After I completed the migration I can initialize DNET without problems, however, when I try to read or write IO I get a warning code 347186 and no data.


I then restart the RT Target  I then try to in the rpoject DeviceNet PXIPCI Basic.lvproj in the LV 2013 examples folder under NI Industrial Communications.  I then get an error -107438891 after the DeviceNetLIB.lvlib:Wait for


From the same projecty I then right clich on my target and add the Device Master Interface and set its address to 0 and baud rate to 500.  I then right click on the Device Master Interface and select Add -> Targets and Devices.  No DeviceNet Slave devices are found.


I had no problems with the PCI-DNET card but when I went top configure this new system was told by NI sales that I should purchase the PCI-8532 and woudl have no problems.


Nelson Orozco

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I was finally successful in migrating over to the PCI-8532 card.


See my postin under : Replacing PCI-DNET with PCI-8532. First time very frustrated with NI support

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