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Modbus for ICP CON 7052

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     I am newbie. I am having ICP CON I-7042D(output module),I-7051D(input module) digital I/Os connected to a 7520 rs 485 to rs 232 coverter. I want to switch the outputs. I tried  using Modbus. But its not working. Can anyone tell me how to communicate with ICP CON using Modbus. Thanks in advance.




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I think general LabVIEW (contains LabVIEW DSC users) forum would be better forum for your question.


Also you should post more details on what you are having trouble with? Is it interfacing with LabVIEW or other NI products? Or is it how would I interface with this with NI products? What NI products are involved in this system? Versions etc...

The more information you give the better recommendation you'll get.



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Hi Rajesh,


Can you give me some more information on modules or system, which you are using. Is it a modbus slave or master? Are you using LabVIEW for modbus communication? because you have not mentioned anywhere in the query.




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Hi Kamlesh,


                   I am using Labview 2012 and modbus library 7.1 to communicate using Serial port.

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Accepted by topic author Rajkrish
06-22-2018 03:58 AM

Hi Rajesh,

                          I don't have any idea about these IO modules, but on labVIEW side, I can be sure that if these modules have Modbus interface it will be pretty easy to communicate. Are you using LabVIEW DSC module for this? Because there are two ways in which you can get Modbus API:  One is LabVIEW DSC and other is using Independent Modbus library.

LabVIEW DSC is more advanced and NI recommend to use this only. ModBus library is not offcially supported by NI, you might ger problems using that.




AE - NI India



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