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LabVIEW library for Molex SST-DN4-USB DeviceNet master, is it possible?

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What's the latest on the SST-DN4-USB? It looks like I would wrap functions the dnscan32.dll, as described in

5136-DN/5136-DNP, DeviceNet Scanner Module / 32-Bit DLL API, Reference Guide, Version 2.21, to create a LabVIEW library for this device.


Has anyone done this, does this work? Are there LabVIEW VIs available for this? How many man hours did it take to get it working?


Chris C.

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I'll answer and close this in case anyone is looking in the future. Molex tech support gave me the latest manual,

SST DeviceNet Scanner ModuleFirmware/Windows DLL Reference GuideDocument Edition: 4.0

Document #: 717-0001

and some LabVIEW VIs, a .llb and a big example VI. It's all pretty decent.


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Where can I get it? Can you post it?

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I don't think I should post it. Call Molex tech support, and ask for LabVIEW sample code for DNSCAN32.llb. There might be a webpage to enter your question. There's really just two VIs, but it does show what order to send some commands. The manual that goes with it is 717-0001___SST DeviceNet Scanner Module Firmware DLL Reference Guide.pdf


I opened several ticket with them and the engineers were good.


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I wrote my VI following the example in the manual. Functions without structure data type input(s), i.g. DNS_OpenCard and DNS_CloseCard, work fine. They return TRUE. But, functions with structure inputs return FALSE. They don't generate errors so can't tell what went wrong. I used Adapt Type and Pointers to Handles in the function calls. Another thing that does not sense in dnscan32.dll is in the configuration struct, data type for BaudRate is WORD. For 16-bit integer the max is 65535. How do you set baudrate of 125,000 bps, which is the lowest setting for the device. Understnad you cannot post it. But, maybe you can share how VI example is passing struct parameters and baud rate??? 

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