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Is it possible to find and set the IP address for EtherCAT slaves

The EtherCAT Master is cRIO-9049 and slaves are Yaskawa EtherCAT Servopack.

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Do you mean use Ethernet over EtherCAT?

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I can confirm you that NI EtherCAT doesn't EoE. Can you tell me the use case why you need to set IP address for EtherCAT slaves?

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I want to control Yaskawa motors with cRIO-9049. I need to clear one alarm which means I must use SigmaWin+. To build connection between Servopack and SigmaWin+, I need to know the IPV4 address of the slave.

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Hmm, does the driver support clearing the error via EtherCAT? If not, I'm am afraid you need to get the IPV4 address in other ways. I am not familiar with Yaskawa motors. But I know there is an Ethernet port on some AKD drivers, people can auto-scan the IPV4 address by using AKD WorkBench software.

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