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Industrial Communications for CANOpen Installation Problem

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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I've been trying to install Industrial Communications for CANOpen on my Laptop. I was running LV2018SP1 (64-bibt) and when I installed Industrial Communications for CANOpen v20.0 when I searched for the CANOpen VIs I couldn't find them. 


I uninstalled v20.0 and installed v18.0 (including the 32-bit version). Again I could not find the vi library on my palette (and using the palette search function) but when I looked under the hood I did find the vi library in the Program Files (x86)/National Instruments folder/LabVIEW 2018 folder.


I figured it was a compatibility issue so I installed LV2020 and then reinstalled Industrial Communications for CANOpen v20.0  - this removed v18.0 automatically (and the vi libarry I'd found).


After this - again I didn't find the vi librabry on the palette. I used the NI Package manager to repair the Industrial Communications for CANOpen v20.0  and still no joy!


Can anyone advise? I previously worked with LabVIEW2016 (32-bit) and Industrial Communications for CANOpen v16.0 without any issues as far as I recall  - I need to resurrect this old code for a lab-instrument we are commissioning. I'll move it from my laptop to a PC which has a CANOpen PCI card installed next week.


Is my issue the 32-bit vs 64-bit installs? Or did I follow the wrong sequence? Or am I missing some obvious piece of software. If someone can tell me where to find the CANOpen vi library I can probably just install that manually to a palette.....


Thanks and advance for your help,



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I identified the issue - I needed to install 32-bit LabVIEW rather than 64-bit.

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