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How to reset PXI-8532 devicenet board


In the past we used a devicenet board in combination with Labwindows CVI. That worked fine. But since a while we use a PXI rack and bought a PXI-8532 devicenet board controlled by LabWindows 2015 (32bit). In this setup we are not able to reset the PXI-8532 board because there is no VI for the reset

The driver we use is NI industrial communication for devicenet version 15.0.  We also tried the latest version 17 but the result is the same,  no reset vi. The fact that we can't reset the board during the test in production causes a lot of problems we didn't had in the past when we used a devicenet board controlled by Labwindows CVI.


I saw in another topic that you could clear the buffers but my qeustion is how ?

 How can we reset the board or clear the buffers ?



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