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How to program with a profibus cRIO comsoft module


I'm new to cRIO.

I have a COMSOFT PROFIBUS DP- Master module in my rack.

My rack is configured, online & tested with the example code that came with the module.

I'm able to send Bytes to my Siemens 315F and receive Bytes back from the PLC as well using the provided example.


I'm looking for some example code to be able to send "BITS" between the cRIO and the PLC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Shawn,
We have been using a Plc like you are to control a Sinamics profibus drive successfully.
But when we use a compact rio to do the same it is unable to do so. I guess we too are going wrong somewhere in the data bits. Were you able to solve the problem? If so, would appreciate how did you do it.
Thanking you
Shreyas Hebbare
Shreyas Technologies
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