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How to directly communicate with a Rockwell Kinetix 300 Ethernet/IP Servo Drive with LabVIEW using Ethernet/IP protocol




I have a Rockwell Kinetix 300 Ethernet/IP Servo drive and I would like to communicate with it using LabVIEW through Ethernet/IP protocol. I've being using Ethernet/IP protocol on other applications to communicate with ControlLogix PLCs with no problem. But now I would like to communicate with a Kinetix Servo Drive in a way I don't have to use Rockwell PLC to control it.


Also I would like to communicate with a Frequency Inverster Model Power Flex 400 also from Rockwell.


I'm using the following Ethernet/IP Driver provided by NI.


Does anyone have any example or ideas for this communication?


Thanks and regards!

Luciano Borges
Test Development Engineer
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Hi Luciano,


From my experience with Servo Drives, they typically are Adapters only.  Additionally, the EtherNet/IP driver that NI provides is adapter only.  With this in mind, we will be unable to communicate using Implicit (I/O) Messaging because we will not have a Scanner to initiate the connection.  You will need to use explicit messaging to communicate to the servo.  I would recommend taking a look at the Access Assembly Instance Data (Explicit).vi and Access Identity Attribute (Explicit).vi for getting started.  You can find this in the example finder, Hardware Input and Output » NI-Industrial Communications » EtherNet/IP » EtherNet/IP Adapter.lvproj.

Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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